How to Keep Mushrooms Fresh

Mushrooms🍄 are a popular ingredient across multiple recipes, but improper storage can cause them to spoil rapidly. This post will provide guidance on how to keep mushrooms fresh for an extended period of time.

How to keep mushrooms fresh


Mushrooms🍄 are adaptable ingredients that can offer depth and taste to a wide range of dishes. Due to their nutritional value, they are a great complement to a nutritious meal plan.

However, they have a limited lifespan and will rapidly spoil if improperly stored. In this article📝, you’ll learn how to keep mushrooms fresh for a long time, so you can enjoy them at their peak.

Why It’s Important to Store Mushrooms Correctly?

Mushrooms are sensitive and easily perishable; therefore, proper storage is important. When mushrooms are subjected to water, they can rapidly become slimy and produce an unpleasant smell.

Moreover, even when refrigerated, mushrooms are extremely perishable and may spoil in a couple of days. Therefore, appropriate mushroom storage can keep their freshness & flavor for a longer duration.

Understanding the Different Types of Mushrooms

Before we look into the storage methods, it is crucial to understand the various varieties of mushrooms and how their freshness & storage requirements vary.

1. Common Mushrooms

White button, Portobello, and cremini mushrooms have a relatively limited lifespan and should be consumed within a week of buying.

2. Exotic Mushrooms

If properly stored, exotic mushrooms like oyster, shiitake, and enoki have a long lifespan & may remain fresh for up to 2 weeks.

Tips for Cleaning Mushrooms Before Storage

It is necessary to clean mushrooms to eliminate any dirt and particles that may be visible. Below👇 are some cleaning suggestions for mushrooms:

  1. For cleaning the mushrooms, use a clean, moist cloth.
  2. The mushrooms will absorb extra moisture and get slimy if soaked in water.
  3. Before cleaning, cut the ends of the stems to eliminate any dirt that might have been visible.

Storing Mushrooms

Now that we have an improved understanding of every kind of mushroom, let’s examine the various methods for storing them.

1. Do Not Wash Mushrooms Before Storage

Mushrooms are like spongesđŸ§œ in that they quickly absorb water, which may speed up their spoilage. It is crucial that you not wash mushrooms before storing them to avoid their sliminess.

2. Use a Paper Bag

Use a paper bag to store mushrooms rather than a plastic bag, which can contain moisture💩. This helps the mushrooms to move around & extend their freshness.

3. Store Mushrooms in the Fridge

Mushrooms should be preserved in a vegetable section or a paper bagđŸ›ïž in the refrigerator. Do not keep mushrooms in the refrigerator door, as this part is likely to be warmer & less temperature-consistent.

4. Don’t Store Mushrooms with Strong-Smelling Foods

Mushrooms quickly absorb smells, so it is essential to preserve them away from pungent foods like onions🧅 and garlic🧄.

5. Store Cut Mushrooms in an Airtight Container

If you’ve cut mushrooms, refrigerate them in a sealed container. This will prevent their dehydration & sliminess.

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Best Containers For Storing Mushrooms

Ideal containers for preserving mushrooms are ones that enable air circulation while stopping the buildup of moisture. Below are some examples: 👇

  1. Paper bags with a paper towel lining
  2. Sealed containers with ventilation holes
  3. Plastic containers with a lid & a paper towel lining

How to Store Mushrooms in the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most popular methods to store mushrooms. Below are the following steps: 👇

  1. After removing mushrooms from their previous packaging, put them in a paper bag or a container with a paper towel lining.
  2. Keep the mushrooms in the refrigerator’s primary compartment, away from heat & moisture.
  3. Do not wash mushrooms before storage, because they will soak up excess moisture & get slimy.

How to Store Mushrooms in the Freezer

Additionally, mushrooms can be frozenđŸ„¶ to increase their life span. This is how: 👇

  1. The mushrooms should be thoroughly cleaned & cut into small pieces.
  2. Blanch the mushrooms for two minutes in simmering water.
  3. Drain the mushrooms & cool them thoroughly.
  4. Freeze the mushrooms by placing them in a sealed container or a freezer bag.

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Tips for Using Mushrooms

1. Cook Mushrooms Before Freezing

If you intend to freeze mushrooms, it is best to prepare them first. Mushrooms that are raw do not preserve well & may get rubbery when thawed.

2. Use Mushrooms Before They Spoil

Mushrooms should be consumed within seven days of buying. If you observe indications of spoilage, like a slimy texture & a toxic odor, it’s best to dispose of them.

3. Slice Mushrooms Thinly

Thinly slice mushrooms when cooking to make sure that they cook uniformly.

4. Do Not Overcrowd the Pan

When sautéing mushrooms, ensure that the pan is not overcrowded. This will stop them from becoming soggy and equally brown them.


Mushrooms🍄 are sensitive ingredients that must be stored properly to maintain their freshness. By following the tips & tricks provided in this post📝, you can maintain the freshness and flavor of your mushrooms for a longer duration.

Furthermore, you should thoroughly cook the mushrooms to consume them safely. Mushrooms are a great complement to any mealđŸ„˜ because they provide a variety of health advantages.

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How long do fresh mushrooms last?

Fresh mushrooms can last up to one week if stored correctly in the fridge.

How long can I store mushrooms in the fridge?

You can store mushrooms in the fridge for up to 7 to 10 days. It’s best to store them in a paper bag or cover them in paper tissues to absorb excess moisture.

Should you wash mushrooms before storing them?

No, it is crucial to not wash mushrooms before storage, as they quickly absorb water & get slimy.

Can you freeze raw mushrooms?

As mentioned previously, raw mushrooms do not store well and may turn rubbery when thawed; therefore, it is best to cook them before freezing.

Can you store cooked mushrooms in the fridge?

Yes, you can store cooked mushrooms in the fridge for up to 3 days.

How do I know if my mushrooms have gone bad?

If your mushrooms have a sticky texture or a toxic odor, you should discard them since they are likely to spoil.

Can I store mushrooms in a plastic bag?

We do not recommend storing mushrooms in a plastic bag, because it can soak moisture and cause them to spoil quickly. Use a paper bag or a ventilated container as an alternative.

How do you store mushrooms in the fridge?

Keep mushrooms in their original packaging or a paper bag, then place them in the cold section of the fridge.

Can I store mushrooms in airtight containers?

You should not store the mushrooms in sealed containers as they require ventilation to stay fresh.

How do you revive wilted mushrooms?

Place wilted mushrooms in a bowl of cold water for 10 to 15 minutes to revive them.

Should I store mushrooms in the dark?

Yes, it’s best to store mushrooms in the dark as they can lose nutrients and flavor when exposed to light. Keep them in a paper bag or wrapped in paper towels in the fridge.

Can I store mushrooms at room temperature?

No, you should not store mushrooms at room temperature as they spoil quickly.

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