How to Get Mushrooms in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing, a beloved simulation game, has captured the hearts of players worldwide. Part of the charm of the game is its seasonal events and rare items to collect. One such prized collection is mushrooms. However, how to get mushrooms in Animal Crossing.

In this articleđź“‘, we will delve into the wonderful world of mushrooms in Animal Crossing and how to obtain them.

Mushrooms in Animal Crossing

What are Mushrooms in Animal Crossing?

Mushrooms are seasonal items in Animal Crossing, which players can collect and use for various purposes. They add a delightful touch of autumnal charm to your island, making it a cozy and inviting place for both residents and visitors.

The Mushroom Season

The Mushroom Season in Animal Crossing occurs during the fall months, typically from November to December. During this period, mushrooms start appearing on your island, and it’s the perfect time to start your collection.

Different Types of Mushrooms

In the Mushroom Season, several types of mushrooms can be found on your island. Each variety has its unique characteristics and uses.

Flat Mushroom

The Flat Mushroom is a common find and has a smooth appearance with a flat cap. It is primarily used in crafting various mushroom-themed decorations and furniture.

Round Mushroom

The Round Mushroom has a distinct, rounded cap and is often used in DIY recipes for mushroom-related items.

Skinny Mushroom

As the name suggests, the Skinny Mushroom has a slender appearance and is rarer than other types. It’s a key ingredient in crafting elegant mushroom-themed furniture.

Rare Mushroom

The Rare Mushroom is the most elusive of all and is considered a valuable find. It has a unique appearance and is essential for crafting exclusive mushroom furniture.

Where to Find Mushrooms in Animal Crossing

Mushrooms can be discovered in various locations on your island. Here are the common spots to find them:

Shaking Trees

While shaking trees for fruits, players may occasionally find mushrooms dropping from the branches. Keep an eye out for them during the Mushroom Season.

Mushroom near Shaking trees

Digging Spots

Mushrooms can also be found buried underground. Use your shovel to dig in specific spots, and you might uncover some delightful fungi.

Balloon Presents

During the Mushroom Season, special mushroom-themed presents might float by in balloons. Pop them to reveal the surprise inside.

Mushroom in - Balloon Presents

Gift from Villagers

Develop a good relationship with your villagers, and they might give you mushrooms as gifts, especially during the Mushroom Season.

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Tips for Collecting Mushrooms

To make the most of your mushroom-hunting experience, consider these useful tips:

Time of Day Matters

Certain mushrooms might appear only at specific times of the day. Make sure to explore your island at different times to maximize your collection.

Weather Conditions

Weather can also affect mushroom growth. Keep an eye on rainy days, as they are often ideal for mushroom hunting.

DIY Tools for Efficiency

Using DIY tools like the flimsy shovel and ax can help you gather mushrooms more efficiently.

Island Scanning

Occasionally, your NookPhone’s island scanner might detect areas with a higher mushroom spawn rate. Use this feature to your advantage.

Using Mushrooms in DIY Recipes

Mushrooms have great versatility in crafting, making them valuable resources for DIY recipes.

Mushroom DIY Recipes

Collecting different types of mushrooms will unlock a range of mushroom-themed DIY recipes. Experiment with these recipes to create charming items.

Crafting with Mushrooms

Once you have the required DIY recipes, start crafting various mushroom decorations and furniture to beautify your island.

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Selling and Trading Mushrooms

Mushrooms can serve as a lucrative source of Bells or be used for trading with other players.

Selling Mushrooms

If you have an excess of mushrooms, consider selling them to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny for a decent amount of Bells.

Trading with Other Players

You can also engage with the vibrant Animal Crossing community by trading mushrooms with other players to acquire rare items or complete your collection.

Mushroom Furniture and Decorations

Embrace the enchanting ambiance of mushrooms by incorporating them into your island decor.

Mushroom Furniture and Decorations in Animal Crossing

Mushroom Series Furniture

Collect all the DIY recipes from the Mushroom Series to adorn your home with captivating mushroom furniture.

DIY Mushroom Decorations

Unleash your creativity and design unique mushroom decorations to give your island a personal touch.

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Mushroom-Related Events

The Mushroom Season brings along exciting events and competitions for players to enjoy.

Mushrooming Season Event

During the Mushroom Season, special events may take place, where you can participate and win fantastic rewards.

Mushroom-themed Competitions

Compete with other players to showcase your best mushroom-themed island design. Participating in competitions can be a fun way to bond with the Animal Crossing community.

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The Mushroom Season in Animal Crossing adds a magical touch to the game, and collecting mushrooms becomes a delightful quest for players.

With the knowledge of where to find them and how to use them in DIY recipes, you can create a whimsical island that will leave everyone in awe.

Get ready to explore your island, gather mushrooms, and transform your home into a cozy haven with these adorable fungi!

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When do mushrooms appear in Animal Crossing?

Mushrooms start appearing in the game during the fall season, typically from November 1st to November 30th in the Northern Hemisphere, and from May 1st to May 31st in the Southern Hemisphere.

How do I find mushrooms in the game?

Mushrooms can be found growing around your island’s trees during the fall season. Simply walk around your island and look for them beneath the hardwood and cedar trees.

Can I plant mushrooms in Animal Crossing?

No, you cannot plant mushrooms like you would with other plants or trees. They only appear naturally during the fall season.

What types of mushrooms can I find in Animal Crossing?

There are five types of mushrooms: Round Mushroom, Flat Mushroom, Skinny Mushroom, Rare Mushroom, and Elegant Mushroom. Each has its unique appearance and use in crafting.

How can I use mushrooms in crafting?

Mushrooms are primarily used in DIY crafting recipes that become available during the fall season. You can create various mushroom-themed furniture and items for your island.

Are there any special DIY recipes for mushrooms?

Yes, there are specific DIY recipes that require mushrooms as ingredients. Some popular items include the Mushroom Wreath, Mushroom Lamp, and Mushroom Stool.

What tools do I need to collect mushrooms?

To collect mushrooms, simply walk over them, and the game will automatically add them to your inventory. You don’t need any tools for harvesting mushrooms.

Can I store mushrooms for later use?

Yes, mushrooms can be stored in your house storage or your pockets for later use in crafting or selling.

How much are mushrooms worth when sold?

The selling price of mushrooms varies depending on the type. Common mushrooms like the Round Mushroom and Flat Mushroom sell for 200 Bells each, while rarer mushrooms like the Rare Mushroom sell for 16,000 Bells each.

What if I miss collecting mushrooms during the fall season?

If you miss collecting mushrooms during the fall, you’ll have to wait until the next fall season to find them again. However, you can always time travel back to the fall months to gather them if desired (keep in mind that time travel may have consequences on your game).

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